Letter: Why Sen. Mark Warner is your man

On election day, the voters of Rappahannock should not hesitate in sending Mark Warner back to the United States Senate for a second term, because you don’t fire a guy who is willing to do the heavy lifting.

By heavy lifting, I mean a senator who is willing to roll up his sleeves and do the hard work to make sure Social Security and Medicare remain solvent and serve future generations. Time and again, Mark Warner has sat down and negotiated with conservative Republicans in good faith to reach solutions to the thorniest of fiscal problems; at the same time, he has had the courage to defy his own Democratic base by proposing cuts in some entitlements to make sure Social Security stays in the black.

Mark Warner has practiced in Washington what he learned as governor in Richmond, where he reached across the bitter partisan divide to achieve agreements with the Republican majority in the General Assembly that preserved Virginia’s high credit rating while obtaining more revenue for public education. If you believe that the political process should be a place where progressives and conservatives fight it out at the polls and then come together in good faith to find common ground, then Mark Warner is your man.

Warner’s Republican opponent, Ed Gillespie, is a man who has worked very hard to rise very high inside the corridors of power in D.C. Mr. Gillespie has had no problem working both sides of the street at different times, serving as counselor to the president and as national chairman of the Republican Party, then as a highly paid lobbyist for corporate CEOs and foreign governments. Who do you think he’ll really represent if he gets to the Senate? But give Ed Gillespie credit: unlike many of his fellow Republicans, he has actually proposed an alternative to the Affordable Care Act, and it’s a great plan if you are healthy and wealthy, but if you don‘t belong to either one of those groups, then you‘re just up a certain creek.

Whether it’s his efforts on behalf of returning veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan or looking for a way out of the interminable budget impasse in Congress, Mark Warner has been a good senator for Virginia, worthy of reelection to a second term; it says something that his Republican predecessor, John Warner, endorsed him for another term nearly a year ago. So, on Nov. 4, go to the polls (be sure to bring photo ID) and vote for Mark Warner for Senate and, while you are at it, vote for Lawrence Gaughan for House of Representatives.

Fred Schaefer


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