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Rappublican county

Local voting results: Gillespie and Hurt, constitutional amendment are winners in Rappahannock County, where mid-term election turnout is 49 percent.

Spethmann resigns from town council

Washington Town Council member Daniel Spethmann resigned this week by letter to Mayor John Sullivan and the rest of the council, a letter in which he said his business has recently required him to spend “more time away than in town.”

Walton joins Rappahannock Media as minority partner

Rappahannock Media LLC, which owns this newspaper along with the weekly Culpeper Times and quarterly Piedmont Virginian magazine, has taken on Bill Walton as a minority owner.

Editorial: We want to believe

The screeches and screams reportedly heard rolling across the hills and vales of Rappahannock were not wails of disappointment from residents whose favored candidates did not win on Tuesday. But could it really have been, as someone said, a mountain lion?

Countryside: The garden club’s long, happy history with holiday greens

The history of wreaths goes back far into ancient times. In Rappahannock, the garden club’s history dates to the 1950s, when they started making wreaths and holiday greenery to raise funds, and it’s going strong still.

150 Years Ago This Week: A terrible scene at sea

As November 1864 unfolded, a wartime election and a vessel’s collision with a huge iceberg off South Africa were in the news.

Wild Ideas: This autumn’s gold-medal foliage

With wind and rain now rapidly stripping the leaves from deciduous trees, time is running out to enjoy this autumn’s spectacular fall color. Pam Owen explores how and why leaves change color this time of year.

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