Letter: To all who made the fall festival a success . . .

We would like to thank everyone that came out to the Rappahannock County High School Fall Festival Oct. 19. Once again, the county came through for our fundraising event. There are so many people to thank, from the teachers and class sponsors to the students and volunteers, that to name them all would take up more print than space available. Just let it be said to all: You are so appreciated. We are especially thankful for Ryan Jewel, who performed live and literally played for barbecue. If you need live music for your event, he is available upon request, and he is amazing. Book him now (ryanjewelmusic@gmail.com) so you can say, “I knew him when . . .”

Once again, Allen’s BBQ offered the most delicious food you can imagine. And finally, we would like to thank our own family members who, with little whining, came early and stayed late.

Karen Sanborn
and Natasha White

RCHS Class of 2018 Sponsors

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