Salsa Halloween

Photo by E. Raymond Boc
Raymond Boc | Rappahannock News
This roving reporter covered the first-ever Rappahannock Latin Disco Night last weekend, presented by Emilio Fontan, owner of El Quijote, the outstanding tapas and Spanish cuisine restaurant in Sperryville. Day of the Dead worshippers abounded on the spacious dance floor, magically altered by the blue lagoon DJ booth and flashing lights. Yes, the music was loud, but it was hot and the mojitos cold! How often do the different communities and cultures get to mix and have fun in Rappahannock County? I’d rather say there were anglos and latinos, some coming from as far away as Culpeper, finding something they all enjoy so much . . . dancing until midnight to music they belong to. I felt I belonged to it, too, and was embraced by all the Deaders. Thank you so much, Emilio, for the gift you gave us.

— Jeanne Drevas (visiting from the Pacific Northwest)

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