Letter: Cell phones and lifelines

The fuss over views and possible health hazards of cell towers seems small and petty when the power is out, the phones are dead and your house is on fire — no phone, no power, zero temperatures. (The view is very grim.)

A short time ago, a man working with a bladed weed whacker died because his partner’s cell had no service. The man went for help, but it was too late — not pretty.

I am a lady a few months short of 90 years old, with bad health and living off the main road. Power out? Too bad! I am not a drain on the government. I have a degree from a nursing college earned many years ago and practiced as a nurse for 40 years. I’ve lived in Rappahannock since 1953 and raised my family here.

I love Rappahannock’s quiet beauty and am no newbie — but, folks, please think of the old and the very young who matter, too.

Thank you,

Cindy Brunning
Flint Hill

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