Letter: Raw after RAWL experience

Recently I made an attempt to adopt a dog from the Rappahannock Animal Welfare League. I realized finally that I was in a place in my life where I could care for an animal well. My job had changed, and it affords me the opportunity of keeping a dog with me constantly. I was excited about this because I am a dog person and dogs really like me.

I filled out my application and went to see the dog RAWL had suggested. I felt it was a perfect match,  and I was elated. We took an hour walk through the woods together and played catch with a ball I brought him. I gave him back reluctantly, and I was told they would do a house visit, vet references, etc. I said no problem, went home, cleaned my house and excitedly went to a pet store and bought the necessities for my soon-to-be new pup. Surely I would pass all the paperwork. I am a good citizen who adopted a little girl 13 years ago from China. Adopting a pet would be a breeze.

Well, I never heard back, so I called and was told the person who does adoption would be in the next day. I was so excited I woke that night and wrote a list of possible names. I narrowed it to three in anticipation.

I called the next day, first thing. I was floored when she said I am not a good person for the dog. I said why? She said that my previous dog had been struck and killed by a car. True, but that was 20 years ago and it broke my heart. I wanted to explain, but she went on to say that my other previous dog, also listed on my application, died of parvo. True. “That is treatable with shots,” she said. I started to explain we had just rescued the pet; it became ill quickly and died three days later. There was no time for shots and a vet check.

RAWL responds.

My point is this: I have great love and respect for all animals and have adopted many dogs, horses and animals in my 48 years. I know when I am treated poorly, just like any animal would. I was never offered a chance to explain myself. The adoption specialist let me know that others were interested in the same dog and that I needed a fence to adopt this dog. I said I’m on 17 acres and the dog will be with me inside or with me outside at work on 7,000 acres.

I am not a person to chain animals or cage or crate them. I am an owner who had plans to have the dog at my hip every day and on occasion give him the run of the house with his very own dog door.

Nonetheless I am disappointed and my feelings are now raw from RAWL’s treatment and their lofty adoption process. I have decided to go elsewhere with my $175 and search for a dog. Perhaps someone will read this and offer me a pup in the spring? That would be very nice. 

Chance Liscomb

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