Letter: Thanks for the peek behind the scenes at RAAC

What a nice surprise to open the Rappahannock News last week and see your story about Linda Heimstra, the painter who creates sets for RAAC Community Theatre productions. For our holiday shows — such as this year’s “The Wizard of Oz” — we employ a series of folding panels to change sets. Linda paints a different, elaborate scene on each series of panels, effectively producing four or more separate environments. Her work is essential to helping create the magic of these large productions.

We are grateful for the work of all of our talented and resourceful volunteers, without whom we could not do what we do. And we thank RappNews for shining a much-deserved light on Linda Heimstra’s extraordinary work.

Peter Hornbostel, artistic director; Sallie Morgan, chair; Joyce Abell, Ralph Bates, Patty Hardee and Andy Platt

RAAC Community Theatre Committee

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