Letter: Cell towers: Too hot for school

I am writing to express my opposition to locating a cell phone tower at the high school. I am not opposed to having cell towers in our county, but I believe placing a tower at a school presents too many potential health risks to a large portion of our population, including many children. My reading of the current research leads to two facts: Cell phone towers have not yet been proven to be a health hazard; and it will take many years to know for sure, and no appropriate studies have been completed yet.

I did some research on cigarettes and found that, while the first study linking smoking to lung cancer came out in 1898, it wasn’t until 66 years later, in 1964, that the surgeon general officially agreed this was true.

I am not willing to have the students, teachers and staff at our public school participate involuntarily in a huge science experiment while we wait several decades to determine whether or not cell towers pose health hazards. Instead, I would like our schools and our community to demonstrate our solid commitment to the health of our citizens by placing cell towers as far from population centers as possible while still providing coverage. Putting a tower 300 feet from a school is much too close.

The school board will be voting on this issue at their next meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 13, at 7 p.m. I encourage everyone, and especially concerned parents, to contact their school board representatives and make their opinions known before then.

Eric Plaksin

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