Letter: Thanks for the hard work and great fun  

Now that the Washington fire hall looks like a fire hall again, and all of the beautiful wreaths, swags, garlands and centerpieces have been placed all over the county, it is time to say thanks to all the people who make the Rappahannock County Garden Club Greens Workshop so successful.

First of all, we thank our faithful customers who come back year after year to help us raise money to send local children to college and to nature camps. Then there are the community supporters, like this wonderful newspaper, which gives us such great coverage, and the Lions Club, which loans us its tent every year (for it inevitably rains at least one of the days of the four-day workshop).

But the biggest thanks go to the members of the Garden Club (all 35 of us) who go out into the cold and the rain to cut greens and condition them for a week or more, and then work for four days to fashion them into the beautiful creations they are. We are a great team and seem to get closer and closer as the days wear on towards completion. Anyone who has ever visited us during the workshop knows how hard we work and how hard we laugh — a great combination when you are working to support our local children.

This was my last workshop as chairman, having done it for six years, but it will carry on under the very capable leadership of Audrey Regnery. Thanks for the support you all have given, and we look forward to working for you again next year.

Fawn Evenson
Chair, RCGC Greens Workshop

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