Letter: The inherent dangers of . . . money

At the school board meeting on Dec. 9, I was terribly surprised and dismayed at how unfairly the citizens opposing cell towers at school locations were treated when they finally got the opportunity to speak. 

After patiently waiting for an hour and a half for others to speak regarding the football-team issue, I was finally able to speak for a few minutes about my concerns regarding the cell tower. My stance is that the tower should not be placed on or near school property. Sue Luthi spoke after me in opposition of the towers and was silenced after just eight minutes of discussion, while previously, the 10-plus speakers on the football issue were each afforded in excess of eight minutes — and some, 15-plus minutes — to voice their opinions. It was so blatantly obvious that the board had no interest in hearing any discussion on the tower issue. 

I’m not sure if the board had done any research regarding the dangers of cell towers, as they have not indicated so. The information listed with the Centers for Disease Control, and numerous other government institutions, is always vaguely worded. Words used are like “not likely,” “doubtfully,” “typically not harmful,” etc. What you will not find on any of these information sites is wording such as “cell phone towers are not harmful to human beings, and pose no danger.” Isn’t this enough grounds to put the brakes on?

All cell phones are sold with literature expressing the inherent dangers. In the fine print of that literature it clearly cautions the user that keeping the phone 2 to 3 inches away from the head area greatly reduces radiation exposure. It is recommended that one should use the speaker option as much as possible or other headset devices. Turn phones off when not in use, and do not store phones by your bed at night. This is merely about the phone itself; imagine how much greater the electromagnetic force is around a cell tower! This alone speaks volumes!

It’s like walking down the street with a couple hundred kids behind you and you come to a sign that says, “Land mines in this vicinity but . . . not likely you will hit one!” 

The meeting lasted four long hours, and I feel the board deliberately scheduled the cell-tower meeting in conjunction with the football issue to distract attention and take time away from cell-tower discussions and to prematurely exhaust people who wished to voice their opinions. It was all deliberate. They know the cell tower issue is inflammatory, so, of course, we had to wait for four hours and it was last on the agenda. By then, even other people who were against the tower had given up and left.

There are plenty of other possible locations to put the tower. What this is about is greed on the part of the school board. This is not sound leadership. This is about money . . . the school board wants the money at the stake of possibly risking the lives of others.

I was always taught that taking chances was something to do on your own time. It should never involve other people.

Amy L. Christopher

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