What’s all the digging?

An update on the cabling and related phone outages in Flint Hill is here.

Projects underway in Rappahannock County will bring about single-container recycling next month, and possibly higher-speed mobile broadband at some future date.

Foundations being dug at both the county’s Amissville and Flatwood trash/recycling centers are meant for new containers that will allow mixed recycling — cans, bottles and plastic — to be dropped off (and sent to Culpeper for separation and processing), County Administrator John McCarthy said. The county will also likely attempt a cardboard-recycling pilot project at Amissville, McCarthy added.

Another months-long excavation project, along U.S. 211 and U.S. 522 north of 211, is part of a multistate project for PEG Bandwidth, a Texas-based company that specializes in “backhaul” or “middle-mile” cabling projects, which connect existing cell towers to higher-speed, so-called 4G Internet service. Crews laying fiber-optic cable along 522 last week interrupted CenturyLink phone service; several callers to the newspaper said it wasn’t the first time.

A spokesperson for PEG Bandwidth didn’t respond to a request for further information this week.

Roger Piantadosi
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