Down Memory Lane for Dec. 31

Aug. 1, 1974

Joyce Ann Pullen of Washington, Va., declares that the next foggy morning she is going to stay home from her work at the Aileen plant near Flint Hill. For the second time since she has worked there she has encountered a deer in exactly the same location.

The most recent was 6:30 a.m. Tuesday.

The incident occurred on U.S. 522 near Massies Corner, and damage to her 1970 Chevrolet was estimated at $250. The deer was killed. Trooper L. L. Lilly investigated the accident.

Beverly Atkins was named honorary fire chief for Sperryville and received her tiara from retiring dignitary Gail Simmons. Beverly will represent Sperryville in parades and other functions until carnival time here next year, when a new chief will be selected.

A medical clinic under the direction of Dr. Werner Krebser of Huntly and Dr. Jerry Martin of Flint Hill is scheduled to open this fall. The lot in the town of Washington has been cleared in preparation for construction, and building material is arriving for the project. This is a much-needed addition to Rappahannock.

June 2, 1983

Rappahannock’s Honor Graduates finish 12 years of very hard work to claim the top five places in the class that graduates next week. They are Patricia Scott, who is enrolled in the practical nursing program at Piedmont Community College and will continue there for another year; Cathy Atkins, who will be going to Lord Fairfax Community College; Christie Johnson, who will attend Mary Washington College; Terri Tylek, the valedictorian, who will major in veterinary medicine at Virginia Tech; and salutatorian Amanda Magee, who will be employed at Vint Hill.

Three of the county’s five constitutional officers will seek to retain their posts this November. Clerk Diane Bruce, commissioner of revenue Merie Scoggin and treasurer France Foster all confirmed this week that they will be candidates for reelection.

Gerald S. Lysik, Rappahahannock’s assistant school superintendent, told superintendent Robert Estabrook in a letter that he will be leaving July 1 to accept a job with the Lake Forest public schools in Kent County, Delaware.

Lysik, who has been with the Rappahannock County school system for two years on a renewable one-year contract, will be the superintendent of a school district of 3,150 students, including one high school, one junior high school, three elementary schools and four separate primary school annexes.

Of his experience in Rappahannock, Lysik said that he was very glad for his two years here. “ I am pleased with his new opportunity,” he said. “It seems an appropriate time to move on.”

March 10, 1993

The Rappahannock County Fire Association honored three volunteers at its annual awards dinner earlier this year for the hours and effort they have given the county. Ann Spieker was named the Rescue Person of the Year. She is a member of the Washington Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department. Jimmy Foster was named Support Person of the Year, and Harry “Buddy” Turnmeyer was named Fireman of the Year. He is the Assistant Chief of the Flint Hill Volunteer Fire Company.

For the second year in a row, Michele May took first place in both arts reporting and dramatic criticism in the Michigan Press Women’s annual Communication Contest. The two arts awards topped a total of eight awards Miss May received during the MPW convention in Muskegon Feb. 19-22.

With a weekly column call Arts Notes, Miss May took third place in personal columns on a special subject.

Miss May, a former resident of Amissville, was a reporter and a feature writer with the Rappahannock News in 1983-84.

As the small creeks around Flint Hill rose higher and higher last Thursday, the Aileen Plant temporarily closed down at 2:30 p.m.

Unfortunately the flood waters had only a little to do with it. Plant manager Charles Currence said Tuesday that the plant was closed from Thursday afternoon until Tuesday morning.

“Things have been a little bit slow,” he saId.

“The firm has been doing a little bit of adjusting,” he added.

“Our outlet stores across the country have been hit by bad weather and our sales are down,” he said.

“We expect to bounce back,” he said, but he isn’t quite sure how soon that will happen. “We may have to have a few Friday’s off yet but that remains to be seen,” he said.