Appointments and transitions

Lawyer and longtime Rappahannock County resident David L. Konick was appointed by the circuit court last month to fill the vacant seat on the county’s board of zoning appeals.

From shortly after moving to Rappahannock in 1977 until 1985, Konick served as the county’s part-time zoning and subdivision administrator and as a consultant to the planning commission during the creation of the county’s first zoning ordinance and comprehensive plan.

“I pledge to endeavor to uphold the letter and spirit of the zoning ordinance in accordance with good zoning practices,” said Konick, 62, in an email this week, “and to ensure that every applicant and every other person who appears before the board . . . is treated fairly and with the proper respect, and that every decision will be made without prejudice of any kind based on the facts of each case, the application of the ordinance in accordance with the law of this Commonwealth, the relevant court decisions and good zoning practices.”

Konick will fill the seat left open by the retirement of BZA chair Robert L. Weinberg, a board member since 1999 whose his final term expired Oct. 31.

Weinberg was recognized at Monday’s board of supervisors meeting in a resolution recognizing his “long and distinguished service” on both the BZA and the county’s planning commission and for “his dedication to his responsibilities, his concern for good zoning practice, and his determination to foster fair and open debate and discussion.”

“I want to express my appreciation to the board of supervisors and the circuit court,” Weinberg said after the resolution was read aloud. “It makes a lawyer feel good to be a judge for day — or a quasi-judge, at least.”

The board also recognized his wife, Wendy Weinberg, whose more than 30-year ownership and management of the Theatre at Washington (sold last month to Nancy and Dick Raines) made her a “one of the major standard-bearers for the performing arts in our community.” The board’s resolution thanked her for her “commitment to the cultural enrichment of our community [that] has been of enormous benefit to everyone who lives and works here, and been of inestimable service to tourism in Rappahannock County and the Town of Washington.”

“Everyone asks me what I’m going to do now,” Wendy Weinberg said, after County Administrator John McCarthy had read aloud the resolution. “Well, I’m going to go to the theatre. And I hope everyone else will, too.”

The board also passed a resolution to appreciate Sandra Maskas for serving two terms, for the last five years, as the county representative to the Rappahannock-Rapidan Community Services Board, thanking her for “her selfless devotion and dedication to the cause of the clients of the RRCSB.” Amissville resident Maskas now serves as the part-time manager of the county visitors center.

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