Letter: The end of it

Pink plastic made the letter writer see red.courtesy photo
Pink plastic made the letter writer see red.

Recent actions by Chris Parrish, supervisor for the Stonewall-Hawthorne district, only elevated my appreciation of the individual and the dedicated work an elected official will do for the citizens of this community. Several weeks ago I attended a Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors meeting which discussed an objectionable littering problem in the county, that being the unsolicited distribution of multiple colored-plastic-wrapped bags containing printed materials of the Culpeper Star-Exponent.

These items were delivered in the darkness and distributed in every noticeable property entrance, including driveways, pasture gates, stable entrances, chicken coops and the like, and often were found accumulating in driveways where no residents were home or the property was unoccupied, leaving the possibility of a robbery or theft.  

Following my first appearance before the board a letter was sent, on behalf of the board, to the distributor; a response was received that they would no longer distribute north of U.S. 211. When I became aware of this limited action I again appeared before the board with further objections and was joined by a chorus of others appealing for action. The board seemed silent and left me with the right to take my own recourse.

In efforts to resolve the matter, I did contact the distributor, but met with little cooperation. Finally I contacted Supervisor Parrish by phone and shared with him again my disappointment in the newspaper’s decision. He pledged to stop by the office of the publisher that day and further attempt to satisfy his constituents and others in the county of this litter problem. Before evening, he informed me the littering in the darkness throughout the county would be halted.

Just that one call to a dedicated public official brought satisfaction, but also prevented the continued spreading of unwanted litter. (A note to readers of this publication: it is available online at starexponent.com)

Thom Pellikaan

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