Down Memory Lane for Jan. 22

Sept. 26, 1974

“We’ve got a co-op that co-ops,”grinned Lucio Kilby, waving a hand that encompassed a beehive of activities at the apple packing shed at Sperryville. “All the other co-ops in Rappahannock didn’t co-ops, and now we’re the only big operation left.”

A large packing shed at Flint Hill, and another one on Route 211 near the high school, both have “For Sale” signs on them, but Kilby says the Sperryville operation has enough business to keep up to 20 people busy all through the winter.

“We’ll pack about 100,000 bushels this year, which is fair,” says Kilby, Then there’s machinery to tend to, and accounting and bookkeeping, and getting the place straightened out, and then we’ll start all over again about next August 15.

The Student Cooperative Association of Rappahannock County Elementary School elected officers last week for the 1974 — 75 session of school. An installation service was conducted Tuesday morning. Officers elected included Jeff Jenkins as president; Liz Freeman, vice president; Kelly Gilkey, secretary and Sherri Brown, treasurer.

Women of the Rappahannock Arts and Crafts Group have pieced and quilted a beautiful quilt which will given away on October 20. The colorful quilt is made by Mrs. Rose Dellinger, Mrs. Frances Grimsley, Mrs. Ruth Pillar, Mrs. Ruth Kilby, Mrs. Elaine Wiley and Mrs. Louise Hensley, all of whom took a few stitches along with others of the crafts group.

June 23, 1983

Quick action by a passing motorist may have saved the life of a young woman whose car plunged into the flooded Thornton River during heavy rains Tuesday.

According to State Trooper Rufus Baines, Ann Alther was traveling eastbound on U.S. 211 early Tuesday afternoon when she lost control of her car while rounding a curve, hit a guardrail and slid into the river just in front of Charles Estes’ salvage yard at Sperryville.

Nelson Lane, was the first man on the scene. He went right down the bank.

According to Estes, the young woman was attempting to get out of the vehicle on the side of the car almost submerged in the fast moving high water. Lane persuaded her to come around to the other side of the vehicle and then helped her to the bank.

“She had a close call. If the car had turned over, she would have drowned,” Estes noted, “I’d say she’s a lucky little girl.

Amissville’s volunteer fire department has recently received a 1952 three-quarter ton, four-wheel drive tactical vehicle from the Virginia Forest Service as part of a two-state program to aid local fire companies. Carl James reports that refurbishing of the vehicle has been completed very economically. The firemen had to buy only paint, two tires, plumbing for the pump, radios and lettering for the new piece of equipment.

Hot air balloon rides will again take visitors to Washington’s Independence Day country fair up and away. Blue Ridge Balloons will be featured on the grounds of Avon Hall, weather permitting, the afternoon and evening of July 4th. Mike Kohler, a full-time professional balloonist, will be in charge of the flights.

May 12, 1993

With the sale of Hawthorn Farm to Marilyn Hoffman for $1.4 million last month, the farm, which was the home of giant Belgian horses when Nelson Lane owned it, will become the home of miniature horses.

Mrs. Hoffman explained that she and her husband Fred Hoffman had bred Arabian horses in the past but switched to miniatures because their small size makes them so much easier to handle. They have sold their Hilltop Stud Farm in Wyckoff, N.J., and are in the process of moving their entire operation to Rappahannock County.