Letter: No pain, no gain

I heartily support raising the gas tax. As pointed out in last week’s editorial, the state of our transportation infrastructure is abysmal and we are doing nothing about it. While no one enjoys paying taxes, I think most people are willing to share the burden of cost for services provided them. The gas tax apportions the cost among those who use the roads and is the most equitable means of replenishing the Highway Trust Fund.

It is time our politicians start looking beyond the next primary when deciding what legislation to propose and how to vote on issues. Those who oppose raising taxes at any cost are myopic in their viewpoint that the “market” will take care of all ills. There are some basic needs that need to be provided for by the federal government and a sound transportation infrastructure is one of them.

If not by raising the gas tax, how will we provide for our transportation needs? The longer we wait to address the problems, the higher the cost. To those who may object that a higher gas tax will unfairly affect some people, a rebate tied to income levels could be instituted.

It’s time to look at long-term solutions to our problems instead of engaging in the constant bickering to which we have become accustomed. Raise the gas tax.

Mike Morency
The Plains

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