Letter: Medical alert program can help, at no charge

I was disturbed to read that Sperryville resident Oscar Dodson had fallen in his home and had to be helped by postal carrier Chasiti Foster.

Residents of Rappahannock County who are disabled or older than 60 should know they can obtain a medical alert device through the Emergency Medical Alert Program (EMAP) from Rappahannock-Rapidan Community Services at no charge.

The device, called Guardian Alert, is installed by aging-services support coordinators from RRCS in the client’s home by connecting it to a land line (not a cell phone) where a call can be transmitted to 911 by activating a button on a pendant worn around the neck. In case of a fall or emergency, all the client needs to do is push the button to be immediately connected to a 911 dispatcher.

There is no charge for the device or the installation and no monthly charge as with other medical alert devices. This program is supported by private donations and grants.

If you or anyone you know is in danger of falling or becoming ill and there is no one in the home to help, please consider having this item installed. Contact Toni Browning at RRCS at 540-825-3100, ext. 3471, or Sharon Pyne at the local department of social services at 540-675-1654.

We all need caring people like postal carrier Foster, but the added comfort of having a medical alert button at one’s fingertips could make all the difference in an urgent situation.

Suzanne Schiffman

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