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One Little Cat Feeling Better After His Homeopathic Remedy

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As a holistic practice, we are often called to visit animals with unusual symptoms. We see animals with specific personality or behavior traits that came along with the physical symptom the owner recognizes as abnormal. Often, there is no Western medical diagnosis or treatment for these changes.

Brahma is just that patient. His reclusive nature began right after his neuter many years ago. He often stayed hidden in the bedroom away from everyone. When the dog joined the family, Brahma ran from him at the slightest provocation. One day in January he did not want to eat his food. Sometimes he would come to breakfast, look at the food and go back to his bedroom.

When we arrived at Brahma’s house he was less than thrilled at our presence and it took his owner a few minutes to extract him from under the bed. One look in the back of his mouth and we realized he was developing Stomatitis — inflammation of the gums surrounding the teeth and in the back of the throat. Brahma’s inflammation was not around his teeth so much, but in the back of his throat on both sides. Well that was a good reason to not eat – it was painful.

After a few questions, Brahma was prescribed a homeopathic remedy. Given daily, after 15 days of his remedy Brahma’s mouth was healed and he was happy to eat his regular diet of raw foods.  

To all of our surprise his behavior also changed. He started to visit with the owner more, coming out from his room and sitting with his person. He also refused to run from the dog who now just looked at him waiting for the game of chase to start.

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