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By Roger Piantadosi/Rappahannock News
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Though containers for (flattened) cardboard are not yet set up, and permanent signs are not yet ready, Rappahannock County’s recycling centers, at the Amissville landfill and (shown here) at Flatwood, are already accepting your contributions — in a single container — of plastics, glass and metal/cans. Also, plastic types accepted are now expanded from just #1 and #2 to #1 through #7.

Roger Piantadosi
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  1. I am absolutely overjoyed that recycling options have expanded so much in the county… and it’s easier too as very little sorting is now necessary. I hope the Rappahannock News will help pass the message along to the general populaton. Too many people are still not recycling… and now they have less excuses for not doing it.

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