Letter: Paradise or purgatory?

So upon review of a recent article, The Inn received a stub street it now has to maintain and possibly pay taxes on, and as for being a valuable public street, it reminds me of the Alaskan bridge to nowhere; it ends at a not-so-beautiful parking lot behind a building. And the Trinity parking lot can still be used (as always) by everyone, and I have not seen meters installed or been told to move my car, and it is visibly appealing. As for breaking the law, it stated that the $20,000 was to go to the contractors performing the work.

If the parking lot behind the Trinity Church was a “paradise,” someone needed eyeglasses. I grew up in Rappahannock and have since returned and purchased property in the county. I am very impressed with the improvements in and around our county seat.

What I am not impressed with is how newcomers and other citizens always want to complain and criticize the actions of others. Having lived and traveled all over the world, this seems to be something indicative of Rappahannock; that being said, Rappahannock — with its mountain vistas and magnificent sunsets — appears to be paradise. Unfortunately, some are trying to make it purgatory for others.

My suggestion to the people who are always alleging wrongdoing by others and creating witch hunts: Go to eBay and the town where “The Walking Dead” was filmed, since it is for sale until March 26. It is quoted as “a great picturesque little town,” this Grantville, Georgia. This way the disgruntled person or persons can be the mayor and chief of police and abide by Georgia law when things need to be changed and or improved, and even be able to quote some of the fictitious characters or possibly audition for an upcoming part.

Margaret C. Robbins

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