Sponsored Content: Vet’s Corner, March 2015

Why choose Holistic Medicine for your pet

Vet's Corner March 2015

Many pets return to their veterinarian over and over for the same issues. Ear infections, itchy skin, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. — all common issues recurring in the same patients time after time. These repeated illnesses often progress to more severe diseases as time goes by.

Treating patients repeatedly to make their symptoms disappear temporarily is like driving a car with a tire that is constantly going flat. Finding holistic medicine is like finding the right mechanic who recognizes the problem and patches the tire. Filling the tire with air every day should not be the only solution!

Chinese medicine and acupuncture give great results. Homeopathy and medicine with essential oils also work to cure disease.

Having a variety of holistic modalities to choose from helps me and my clients choose which approach is best for them and their companions. Acupuncture often works best with those cases where the pet has a chronic or acute lameness. Some patients fit the homeopathy lifestyle. This modality often needs daily observation and close attention to detail to monitor their progress. Others fit well with diet changes and Chinese Herbal Medicine, a daily routine with rechecks every few months or more.

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