Letter: Focused on the positive side

Nancy and I got our Red Oak Mountain land 33 years ago. Last year Nancy took over the theater in town. (I told her she was crazy, but do you think she listened?). Does this make us “locals?” Probably not. Does it mean that we love this county and admire the people here? Definitely.

Yet now I worry that this community is losing what makes us great. Disagreement seems pervasive. And personal attacks are becoming commonplace. So, I wanted to remind myself about what makes this such a great place.

Start with our neighborhood on Red Oak. Kim Novak takes care of stray dogs. David Konick takes care of our shared road and keeps the neighborhood informed when someone is sick. Frank Reynolds drives a black Corvette with a vanity plate “DEAD AIM,” but he wouldn’t shoot a soul.

And what makes the town of Little Washington so great? Can you believe how hard Robert and Joanie Ballard work to make their store a success, yet they still take time to volunteer? Or how about John and Diane MacPherson? They built a top-notch B&B, guide epicurean bike tours, and then start a first-class restaurant.

And what about the mayor, Mr. Sullivan? John is the one who hangs garlands for the holiday parade, attends every event, and stands up front asking all to donate to every local good cause. I admire him, but don’t envy his job.

I also admire Patrick O’Connell and the world-class institution he built, The Inn at Little Washington. He had the vision and the talent, and made investments in this town that benefit everyone.

The list goes on. Karen Crow helps organize the RAAC Film Festival. Ken Thompson opens Tula’s restaurant and hosts ping pong games.

So many positive contributors. Let’s not let these recent controversies undercut the positive atmosphere that makes this place great.

Dick Raines
Rock Mills

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