Down Memory Lane for April 9

July 3, 1975

Rear admiral John L. Marocchi, United States Navy, retired June 30 and will make his home in Rappahannock near Sperryville. He is a native of Bologna, Italy, and a 1938 appointee to the U.S.  Naval Academy from Tennessee. A member of the class of 1942, he graduated and was commissioned in December 1941, due to the national emergency.

He served aboard the Birmingham in the Sicilian landings and the Pacific raids of 1943, then in the capture of Tinian and Guam. In October 1944 he was seriously injured when a magazine exploded aboard the burning carrier Princeton to which the Birmingham was rendering assistance. He was hospitalized from November of 1944 to March of 1946.

Miss Anna Wood is “somewhere between a hundred years old”  and lives alone in an old school house between Flint Hill and Amissville where she takes care of herself  “as tight as I can.” Her house, perhaps a little red schoolhouse at one time, is now a faded pink but is still a handsome little building. It’s only a few feet off Route 647, a dirt road which is being widened and paved.

The stove is the only “appliance” in Miss Anna’s “kitchen.” She has a low wooden chest, and sitting atop it are a jar of pickles, a bottle of ginger ale, a half pint of milk, several cans of food and a carton of eggs. There a window on each side the room, although one is nearly covered by the wood. The entire room is as black as the inside of a smokehouse. The walls, the furniture, the woodpile.

“I was born and raised up in Little Washington, on a great big rich man’s place. His name was Mr. William Gern. He’s been dead now for a long time. He was a rich man. He was about like Mrs. King up here, about like that,” Miss Anna laughs. Mrs. King owned Ben Venue.  “That’s the big house on the road up there, all pretty.”

William Allen Stokes of Sperryville will be among 36 students from Davidson College in North Carolina and several other institutions who will study during 1975-76 in Europe, Africa and Asia.

He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Y. Stokes of Sperryville and has completed two years at Davidson. He attended Rappahannock County High School and graduated from Woodberry Forest.

Jan. 12, 1984

Circuit Court Judge Shore Robertson has refused to issue a writ of certiorari in the zoning controversy over The Inn at Little Washington. Robertson entered his order last Thursday, clerk Diane Bruce reported, thus making moot a previously scheduled pretrial conference which had been set for Monday.

Lawyers for The Inn had sought a court review of conditions placed on the variance granted The Inn at a November 18 Town Council meeting.

Town attorney Douglas Baumgardner said Friday he expected to meet with the council soon to discuss this latest development, but pointed out that the order did not address the issue of the zoning ordinances’ validity. The Inn had contended the conditions were invalid and the town zoning ordinance  not in accord with state requirements. Whether the ordinance is valid or not, Baumgardner says, a court review for a writ of certiorari would not have been the proper proceeding to address the question. He said he expects the Town Council to take up the case at Wednesday’s regular council meeting.

The county supervisors have authorized Sheriff Henry Woodward to contract for completion of work at the jail left undone when Baughn Construction Company rejected the last contract change order. In addition, they gave Woodward the okay to arrange for food service at the facility.

Of the unfinished items on the last contract change order, Woodward told the board he wanted (1) a partition in the dispatch center (2) shelves in closets and (3) a basketball backboard and hoop for the prisoners’ exercise yard. “When the prisoners are out in the yard, it will give them something to do to occupy their time,” he explained.

The permanent future site of the 62-year-old Virginia Gold Cup steeplechase classic and other large open field events has been donated to a nonprofit community foundation by news executive Arthur W. Arundel.

The property, recently named Great Meadow, includes over 100 acres of land planned for steeplechasing and other courses located near the I-66 interchange at The Plains, virginia. It was deeded last week to the Meadow Outdoors Foundation which will manage the site in permanent open space for activities benefiting local charitable organizations. Arundel said he plans to give additional adjacent land to the Foundation, “as it may be needed for these events and educational projects involving wildlife and the ecosystem.”

April 13, 1994

A 25 caliber semi-automatic weapon was taken from a 12-year old girl at Rappahannock County Elementary School last Thursday.

The girl, a student at the school, also had with the weapon a clip with two bullets in it. The clip was not in the gun, but was in a bookbag with it.

Rappahannock Sheriff John Henry Woodward reported that the girl had apparently also brought the weapon to school Wednesday and showed it to other students on the bus ride home. Some of those students reported the incident, and administrators were waiting for the girl when she got off the bus Thursday morning and brought her immediately to the school office.

Captain Jeff Brown took possession of the weapon and interviewed the girl. Her mother was called and she took the girl home.

Margy White of Sperryville put 13,000 miles on her Subaru last year to volunteer for a job she loves. This is Ms. White’s second year as the chairwoman for the 1994 Garden Fair at the State Arboretum of Virginia at Blandy Experimental Farm in Boyce.

Preparing for the garden fair is a full time job for Ms. White during the fall and spring. Ms. White began volunteer work at the arboretum three years ago at the garden fair. She had signed up to work a half day, and ended up being there all weekend.

Baldwin’s Grocery, (Paul and Cucie Baldwin, owners) wishes to announce that from April 15 to April 29, 1994, we will donate to the Washington Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad a portion of our proceeds from the sale of High Quality Chevron Gasoline. So come by, make a gas purchase and help make a nice donation to our local Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad.