Down Memory Lane for April 23

Aug. 14, 1975

O.A. Norton continues in the capacity of Superintendent of Schools for Rappahannock County, working solely with this county, rather than with both Rappahannock and Warren as he did previously. The School office has been established in the former Lee Highway Hotel building in Sperryville and Mr. Norton has T.A. Fleetwood as assistant superintendent; Mrs. Frances Carney, and Miss Martha Lou O’Bannon, both of Woodville, as clerical employees.

Rayner V. Snead, Circuit Judge for Rappahannock, Fauquier and Loudoun counties, has been appointed to the 1975 board of directors of the American Judicature Society.

The American Judicature Society is a national and international organization of lawyers, judges and civic leaders founded to promote the administration of justice. The Society has been active in “supporting a judicial merit selection system; modern, simplified court procedures and unified state court system.” The organization also conducts legal research and organizes seminars and state citizens’ conferences on judicial reform.

T. C. Lea, attorney for the heirs of J. L. Williams, and Commonwealth’s Attorney George Davis, were directed by the Board of Supervisors last Thursday to “get together and see if something can be worked out” to enable each of the seven Williams heirs to inherit a part of the 37-acres family homeplace. Rappahannock’s subdivision and zoning ordinances permit as many as five children to inherit property even if some of the five lots would be of nonconforming size.

“I’ve never heard a more eloquent or compelling case for an exception,” one member of the audience said after listening to the pleas of the Williams family. The only problem with that, Supervisor Chairman Pete Luke said, is that the Williams heirs haven’t asked for an exception — they’ve asked for a rezoning.

Feb. 2, 1984

Lisa Burke of Washington was recently named advertising representative for the Rappahannock News. A RCHS graduate (class of ’80), Lisa also attended the Barbizon Modeling School at Chevy Chase, Md. Her three years as a legal secretary will help her in her new capacity, Lisa says, because of the need to meet the public. She says the same was true of summers spent helping at her parents’ fruit stand. They’re J. C. and Jackie Holland of Sperryville.

When Flint Hill firefighter Patrick Lawler started to get an unusual number of invitations to attend the annual Rappahannock Fire and Rescue Association dinner dance, he began to be suspicious — at least just a little bit. But he says he didn’t really know what was going on until Flint Hill Fire Chief Frank Huff got halfway through his speech that night at the fire hall.

Lawler was named outstanding firefighter and rescue squads man of the year. He was chosen from the nominees of the half dozen different fire companies composed of Douglas P. McCabe, Douglas Bywaters and Harry Turnmeyer.

In its first meeting of the new year, the Rappahannock County Board of Zoning Appeals approved a sign to advertise the Corner Post restaurant. The sign is to be located at the corner of Routes 211 and 522 near where the Lee’s Apple Orchard sign is now.

That sign will come down, Flint Hill restaurant owner Peggy Clark said, explaining that hers will be similar to the one presently hanging on the front of the Corner Post. She said she had discussed her plans with the highway department and had a lease from Wade H. Massie to place the sign on his property.

A motion from Peter Kramer was unanimously approved to allow a special use permit for a 20 square foot sign for one year providing all state requirements are met.

April 27, 1994

It took nearly two hours last Thursday night for the town Architectural Review Board members to decide that it was not under their purview to approve or deny an application for a fountain to be installed on Trinity Episcopal Church property at the corner of Middle and Main Streets in Washington.

After much discussion, many digressions, rehashes and clashes, a motion was on the floor for a vote. Worded by ARB member Dwight Matthews, the motion was “This application as it has been presented, particularly with particulars presented by Ms. Van Dort with the way it is installed, does not come under the purview of the ARB.”

Mr. Matthews and members Ed Barton and Patrick O’Connell voted for the motion; chairman Donna Kevis voted against it, and member Steve Critzer abstained.

Current Town Council member Ray Gooch decided this past weekend to enter the town election as a write-in candidate for the Town Council.

He said he decided to make the race “because of events in the last week. I felt after what happened four years ago, the voters really repudiated that tactic, and here we are again four years later confronted by the same thing,” he said.

“I wanted people to remember they didn’t like it then; I don’t think they like it now, but they’ve got to keep saying they don’t like it, or it’s going to happen again,” he said.

Mr. Gooch said he realizes “it’s a long shot for somebody to expect to win on a write-in vote.”

A plaque honoring all the donors to the new Rappahannock County Library will be formally unveiled at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, May 5. Members of the board of supervisors, county staff, the Library Board and the Friends of the Library will be on hand. A separate plaque will also be unveiled recognizing the gift of land made by Dean and Linda Morehouse which made the building possible.