Letter: The culture of community / community is culture

As a rarified denizen of the American Kennel Club world (self-described and perhaps appropriate) and a resident of Poe’s Road, I feel qualified to discuss the issues presented by my neighbor Charlene James-Duguid in her letter of April 9.

I must agree, no one wants a lifestyle disrupted or placed in disarray. No one wants a neighbor upset or resentful. And no one wants others to judge them and conclude that their way of life is worth less than those who judge.

Blue ribbons for champion dogs are no different than the blue ribbons for champion livestock, or blue ribbons for the fiber produced by sheep or alpacas. Puppies produced by AKC ethical breeders become beloved family members. And the new families become lifelong friends of the breeder. I have friends of nearly 40 years from the sport of dogs. It is a warm and loving culture.

Poe’s Road is not a place to raise Westminster Kennel Club show dogs? I can assure you, Rappahannock County is home to dozens of households that enjoy the sport. Our county is also home to several canine conformation judges known the world over. And if you are still not convinced, attend our lure coursing party in January. You may be surprised at the attendees.

All citizens should try to be good neighbors. It does not matter whether you desire a champion show dog or you desire to put the best Christmas goose on the upscale tables of Washington D.C. Rejoice in the successes of all Rappahannock County residents. We are truly blessed with more than our fair share of talented people. Enjoy them.

Therefore, don’t be the barking dog. Instead, talk to your neighbors face to face, one on one. Problems are best solved in this manner. I promise, their response will be warm, respectful and cooperative.

R. Scott Dove
Flint Hill

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