Letter: Aiming for $1 million in Give Local Piedmont 2015

Give Local Piedmont participants and volunteers shout (or at least show off) this year’s online fundraising campaign date from the rooftops.Courtesy photo
Give Local Piedmont participants and volunteers shout (or at least show off) this year’s online fundraising campaign date from the rooftops.

If there is one thing Rappahannock is known for, it’s our sense of community — we proved that last year during the inaugural Give Local Piedmont event when we raised $675,000, of which the 24 participating Rappahannock County nonprofits raised an impressive $155,071. We have upped the ante for this year’s event: our goal is to raise $1 million on May 5. We need all hands in to help us get there!

Spearheaded by the Northern Piedmont Community Foundation, Give Local Piedmont is an online giving event that provides an opportunity for all of us who care about our community to raise as much money as possible for the 138 participating local nonprofits during a 24-hour period. For as little as $10, anyone can be a philanthropist and give where they live! Imagine the impact if every resident pledged to give $25, $50 or more to their favorite local charity on May 5.

Give Local Piedmont is part of the national Give Local America event, sponsored by the Council on Foundations. Last year it was one of many simultaneous fundraising events held nationwide, raising more than $50 million for about 7,000 nonprofits and setting a new record for the largest single-day crowdfunding event.

Despite the population of the four participating Give Local Piedmont counties (Fauquier, Culpeper, Madison and Rappahannock) being the smallest of all Give Local events in the state, it raised more money than any other Virginia event and was in the top 20 in the nation for dollars raised.

The Fauquier Health Foundation has once again offered a $100,000 bonus pool to be shared proportionately with all nonprofits according to their donation totals. An additional $30,000 in cash prizes will be awarded as well, including two sets of grand prizes in the amounts of $5,000, $2,500, and $1,000 for the top three nonprofits (with annual revenues totaling less than or more than $250,000, respectively) that receive the highest number of unique donations of $10 or more.

Participating nonprofits — of which dozens will benefit Rappahannock residents — serve a wide range of causes, including education, the arts, the environment, medical and dental care, mental health, animals and many others. They’re all listed on the event website: givelocalpiedmont.org. Check it out to find out more about the organizations.

We live here, so let’s give here. Please be generous on May 5!

John McCarthy
Chair, NPCF board of directors

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  1. Thank you NPCF for organizing this terrific opportunity. Let’s GO, small but mighty Rapp: ALL IN on 5/5 for local non-profits!

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