Letter: A wonderful evening at El Quijote

Wow! I just had the best shrimp of my life and as one who grew up in the Caribbean and has travelled extensively elsewhere eating seafood of all kinds, that should be saying something. In fact, all the tapas we ordered at Sperryville’s El Quijote were excellent.

The squid was perfectly cooked, not an easy thing as we all know how rubbery it can be if overcooked, and the beet, goat cheese and greens salad was perfectly balanced with olive oil and other condiments. So glad I reneged on the diet idea today and had the heavenly orange flán! Even the bread was toasted and warm.

Instead of the typical Mother’s Day brunch, my daughter wanted to take me out for something different and knew that I had been wanting to try this newer restaurant in Sperryville since reading about its opening in your newspaper. Besides one good Mexican restaurant and a Cuban one in Warrenton, there was no real way to satisfy that longing for good Spanish food. (If we had thought of it, we would have called ahead for one of their paellas. Next time!)

We loved the atmosphere, and the service was excellent. I can’t wait to see the flamenco, which starts again this Saturday night. Maybe I’ll sip a glass of their excellent sangria while I watch and wish again that my mom had allowed me to have flamenco lessons instead of ballet!

Please try this wonderful eatery and allow it to continue to succeed and remain here in Rappahannock for a long, long time.

Connie Valencia

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