Sperryville column for May 21 

Flourish Root blooms in the River District

One of Jen Perrot's floral arrangements, available through her new Flourish Root business.
One of Jen Perrot’s floral arrangements, available through her new Flourish Root business. Courtesy photo

Art flourishes in Sperryville — including art that is floral in nature. Thus Flourish Root, the outgrowth of Coterie co-owner Jen Perrot’s garden and landscape company, has now outgrown the confines of Coterie (which closed its doors last week), as Jen plans to turn it into “into something bigger . . . and something more.”

Her floral arrangements are beautiful and unusual. She “gathers the flowering green and natural beauty that surround us everyday and transforms those inspirations into spectacular works and beautiful spaces to enhance your home, life, and events.” Her new workspace and studio will be opening this month at 7 River Lane in Sperryville’s River District, and also includes works by Kat Habib and Colleen O’Bryant (Wild Roots Apothecary).

Kat is an accomplished artist and educator; her ceramics are a testament to the inspiration she gleans from nature and her background at Corcoran School of Art and Design. Says Colleen: “ I’m excited to start this collaborative experience with Jen and Kat for sure. By joining the burgeoning “makers alley” at the Copper Fox with Flourish Root and Kat Habib Pottery, Wild Roots Apothecary will be honing in on creating handmade botanical products for our little retail shop and other venues. Our business focuses on earth-based wellness and will be offering consultations, workshops, whimsical products to delight and enhance the green spirit in all of us. It’s also in our plan to offer up our botanical beverages and snacks on busy weekends.”

Jen’s neighbors now are Copper Fox Antiques, Heritage Hollow Farms (see below), Pen Druid Brewery (which hopes to open in July), Copper Fox Distillery, Valley Green Naturals, River District Arts, Ridge Line Design and more.

Jen talks excitedly of her plans. Her business is already far-reaching, she says, with clients in Hume, Marshall and Luray, as well as Rappahannock. Her florals adorn wedding reception tables and myriad events, fundraisers and family gatherings — and notably, too, at such local venues as CCLC and Headwaters.

She plans to hold workshops not only for adults but for children as well. She works within all budgets and workshops will include children’s programs; themes catered to kids, such as making their own terrariums and taking them home. A delightful idea as well is to have a “grab and go” table where you can stop by and pick up a bunch of flowers to bring home for the weekend.

Rather than have flowers arrive from Front Royal, Warrenton or Culpeper, you can now order flowers and have them sent to your loved ones from Jen in Sperryville. Her work caters to locals, tourists and weekenders alike. Visit flourishroot.com for more, or contact Jen at flourishroot@gmail.com or 540-742-0097. There’s more on her Facebook page and at instagram.com/flourishroot.

Heritage Hollow’s new home

Heritage Hollow Farms’ store and office are moving to River Lane as well. And according to Molly and Mike Peterson about their move from the Coterie building at the Sperryville Schoolhouse to the River District: “Never fear, it’s not far at all, really, and it’s an exciting move to Sperryville’s River District! The store will still have weekend hours and our pasture-based livestock meats: beef, pork, and lamb raised just across the river, as well as a carefully curated, limited selection of some others like eggs, honey, caramels, and more.” They’re planning to be open for business by tomorrow (Friday, May 22). Find more information through Facebook and their website heritagehollowfarms.net.

Mellowed mustangs, and Sally’s new mini

Meghan Kavanah and Landay at the beach.
Meghan Kavanah and Landay at the beach. Iris Eppinger

We wrote last summer about gifted Rappahannock riders Ronda Gregorio and Meghan Kavanah, two horse trainers who had adopted Mustangs, wild Mustangs. Many of you watched Ronda astride Viggo in the Little Washington Christmas Parade, only a few months after she’d adopted him — a testament to her skill with horses. She since walked away with first-place ribbons in a recent horse show.

While both horses had never been touched by human hands, Viggo lived on thousands of acres of government land, but Meghan’s Landay was totally free. Her name is an expression of freedom, as landays are anonymous oral verses, and thus belong to no one — a perfect fit for mustangs, who are, by definition, ownerless beasts.

As you can see in the lovely photograph of Meghan with Landay on the beach, Landay is no longer wild, and Meghan is crazy about this beautiful horse, clearly of Andalusian heritage. Meghan is in the process of starting a nonprofit for wild mustangs. She has partnered with natural horsemanship trainers and wishes to promote not only adoption, and the preservation of these beautiful creatures, but also wants to to spread the word in the horse community that mustangs, many of them, because of their varied lineage, are indeed potential performance horses.

Meghan’s idea is to adopt them, in the short term perhaps 10 or so, have natural horsemanship trainers gentle them, so they are ready to be adoptable and loved by families, children, performance riders, indeed by all. The mission statement of her nonprofit is: “To preserve and serve the wild mustang through education, demonstration, adoption and awareness.”

Sally Petty's new mini horse is in need of a name, but already has a best friend (her grandson, Cole).
Sally Petty’s new mini horse is in need of a name, but already has a best friend (her grandson, Cole). Sally Petty

On the subject of horses, Sperryville’s Sally Petty recently welcomed a little tyke to her herd of minis. The tiny foal is the size of a small dog, super affectionate, and Sally’s grandson Cole is enamored. The two of them are inseparable. The foal has yet to be named, if you have a suggestion email me at chrisdoxzen@gmail.com or contact Sally at trilliumvalley@verizon.net.

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