Down Memory Lane for June 11

Jan. 22, 1975

Bradley Williams has resigned as president of Chester Gap Fire Department after serving in this capacity since 1964. The organization was established in 1959 and has grown since that time. Mr. Williams was given a plaque in appreciation of his work and leadership over the years. Hubert Gilkey III, the new president, made the presentation on behalf of the group.

Rappahannock County School Board pondered the many weighty problems facing any board of its kind when it met Tuesday night. Listing to a delegation in favor of kindergartens were T. A. Fleetwood, a school administrator; board members A. Y. Stokes, Walter Masterson, Mrs. Carroll Quaintance, Paul Miller and O. A. Norton, superintendent. The board advocates strengthening and broadening its preschool summer program to suffice in this area.

The Rappahannock-Rapidan Community Mental Health and Mental Retardation Services (Chapter 10) Board, has named new officers. George Muth of Rappahannock County was elected chairman. Muth replaced Dr. Robert Meyer of Fauquier County whose term on the board expired in December.

Muth is a retired Rappahannock County businessman who has distinguished himself in other organizations which include being on the boards of directors of Culpeper Memorial Hospital and Georgetown University.

April 19, 1984

Is the economy improving? Ask Wayne Walker and you’ll get an unqualified “yes” for an answer. The manager of the Aileen Plant in Flint Hill, the single largest employer in Rappahannock County, sees the recent economic upswing — both nationally and locally — continuing and growing even stronger, judging by the performance of his company during the first quarter of 1984.

“Since the first of the year, we’ve hired about 80 people, bringing our total number of employees to 382. We have close to as many now as we’ve ever had in sewing,” Walker said. According to the manager, “at least half” of Aileen’s workers are from Rappahannock County.

Aileen has also opened 12 outlet stores of its own on the East Coast and plans to have 20 operating by the end of the year. “They’re doing exceptionally well for us, better than anticipated,” Walker said. He added that in the past, Aileen handled only direct orders.

It took an hour of assurances on Friday but finally the Rappahannock supervisors voted to formally accept the state’s $520,000 block grant, capping a 10-year effort to secure funding for Sperryville’s sewer system and bringing the total committed to the project to $2 million. On Feb. 28, the county’s Water and Sewer Authority (WSA) received word of the final award of $1.6 million from the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for construction of the sewer system. Wayne Cilimberg, executive director for the Rappahannock-Rapidan Planning District Commission, which will administer the grant, explained on Friday that the EPA grant was awarded directly to Rappahannock’s WSA. “You have no involvement and no obligation in that, “ he told the supervisors.

“With the town’s water system, I don’t think we need a whole lot more land to have developed,” Washington Mayor Newbill Miller maintained as representative’s from the Town Council and Board of Supervisors agreed on official town boundaries covering less area than the Virginia General Assembly authorized for Washington almost a century ago.

July 13, 1994

There was a rash of vandalism incidents Friday night involving mailboxes and signs for private residences, Major Ed Streapy of the sheriff’s office reported. In all there were 11 reports Saturday morning of mailboxes damaged or stolen and three reports of signs taken. In addition a sign and the pavilion at the county park were marked with graffiti, and similar graffiti was on one of the mailboxes when it was found. Several mailboxes were found by Route 674 at Peyton Farms Saturday morning. Major Streapy is conducting an investigation of these incidents.

President Clinton announced late last month his intention to nominate Harold J. Creel Jr. of Woodville to fill a three-year term on the Federal Maritime Commission. “Hal Creel has the education background and experience we need to maintain the quality of our Federal Maritime Commission, especially as we work to make essential reforms in the maritime industry,” President Clinton said. The Federal Maritime Commission is an independent commission, responsible for regulating oceanborne transportation for domestic and foreign trade.

An ongoing controversy finally was resolved last Wednesday when the Board of Supervisors voted 4 to 0 with Hampton District representative Mike Massie abstaining to have road signs put up for the E-911 system. Several years ago Mr. Massie voted against imposing the tax on telephone bills which has financed the E-911 system. He voted against the secondary road budget last year which contained funds for signs for the system. This time he said he would not vote “No” because he did not want to “go against” the fire departments but he said it was another example of people giving up their freedoms.