Letter: Globalism is neither local nor benign

I am in agreement with Mr. Freitag’s recent letter on decisions being made outside of board of supervisors meetings and hearings, and that public comment is set up to be disconnected and to have little effect on outcome. It is tolerated, but not respected or really heard. I agree there needs to be a second public comment period after the items on the agenda are discussed.

The same problem exists with the school board, which, during the cell tower meetings, refused to inform or invite parents or the neighbors (who were also not consulted when wifi was installed at the schools), did not want free radiation readings done, had preconceived ideas as to what was politically correct, and tried to shut down opposition comment by trivializing it.

We see the same thing happening now on the above issue, as it moves to the supervisors, with the pushing of toxic “wireless” (a deceptive term for strong microwave radiating) technology, while bypassing the public.

I think the county administrator should be elected, since this is the most powerful position in the county, and we should know where the person stands on important issues that affect us. Is this person serving the global elite or the residents of the county? One of the top goals of the globalists (the central banking cartel who want global dictatorship) is control over local governments. (See “The Delphi Technique,” www.vlrc.org/articles/110.html.) To this end, they want to maintain the pretense of local control while eradicating it.

We have a new assistant county administrator who was not elected or even chosen by the supervisors but handpicked by the county administrator. What are her goals for the county, her concept of public service or her feelings on globalist policies that might be harmful? Would the public be an inconvenience to her? Would her orders come from globalist bankers or corporations?

The Foothills Forum consists of a group of self-appointed, unelected people who want to set the agenda in this county for what is important, what are “facts,” what we need to focus on and which direction the county should take, backed by a University of Virginia survey they are sponsoring. They think we have a desert of local news. I don’t agree. They throw around a lot of titles and pomposity. Do they have a problem running for public office? (Note: the new assistant county administrator is sent to their meetings.) When they hold invitation-only events, they control the outcome of those events.

In looking at their directors and advisors, most come out of the mainstream media, which has been owned, behind fronts, by the Rothschilds (and their U.S. agents, the Rockefellers) since J.P. Morgan bought up the major media outlets for them years ago. The other people are primarily out of the corporate world. We know what the mass media has given us, which includes very little truth. The most important things are never mentioned. “Facts” depend on where they are coming from and who is funding them.

This forum reminds me of the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission, all Rothschild front organizations who write the script for our elected officials and even give us our presidential choices. The chair of the Foothills Forum worked with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, whose goal was manipulation and steering of public opinion in different communities, including deciding who to fund and promote, what issues to push, and so on. The last thing we need is more elite manipulation of our thinking and choices. Their only qualification for what they do is their own arrogance.

The business of the press is to report the news . . . not create it.

The business of corporations is to be efficient in production . . . not to direct our personal lives.

We need to keep our county under local control, and globalism is not local.

(Two credible sources of many include: “Friendly Fascism,” by Betram Gross, and Doc Marquis’ itsagodthingproductions777.com.)

Cynthia Price

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