Alice (and others) in Avon-land

By E. Raymond Boc
E. Raymond Boc

Despite tropical depression Bill hitting Rappahannock County just as the Child Care and Learning Center’s Avon Hall “Alice in Wonderland” fundraising party commenced Saturday, there was no depression at Avon Hall. More than 150 hearty souls attended the garden party, which had moved inside, including (below left) Queen of Hearts Lisa Pendleton and White Queen Mimi Forbes, and (below center) the inimitable Mad Hatter (Jenks Hobson) and Tweedle Dum (John Beardsley). CCLC director Fred Catlin (above) came as himself, and introduced the art auction. Guests got a chance to explore the mansion and CCLC raised significant funds to advance its programs and funding for scholarships. (If you’re curious about those, or even curiouser, visit


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