School and sports news for July 2

Right scholar, wrong picture

This is (for real this time) RCHS senior James MacLeod, who's headed to Davidson College on a four-year QuestBridge scholarship.
This is (for real this time) RCHS senior James MacLeod, who’s headed to Davidson College on a four-year QuestBridge scholarship. Courtesy of Karen Quanbeck

We had an item in last week’s School and Sports News column featuring Rappahannock County High School senior James MacLeod, who was recently admitted to Davidson College and has been awarded a four-year QuestBridge National College Match Scholarship.

The article was mistakenly accompanied by a photo of RCHS senior Henry Mason, who — though often photographed over the past year with MacLeod as a member of Rappahannock’s state-champion Quiz Bowl team, which was captained by MacLeod — was mistakenly identified in the picture caption as MacLeod.

If the judges will allow (and they wouldn’t if this was a Quiz Bowl tournament), we’d like to change our answer.

The photo accompanying this week’s column is actually of James MacLeod, sporting his new Davidson T-shirt, and headed for the North Carolina school in the fall.

Mason, meanwhile, though his picture does not appear this week, is headed for Virginia Tech.

Congratulations (and apologies) to both young men and their families.

Grants go to Headwaters’ After-School program

A student works on a mosaic project at last year's After-School Enrichment Program, which was recently awarded two grants.
A student works on a mosaic project at last year’s After-School Enrichment Program, which was recently awarded two grants. Courtesy photo

Two local nonprofit organizations recently recognized the After-School Enrichment Program (ASEP) offered by the Headwaters Educational Foundation.

The Claudia Mitchell Fund administered by the Rappahannock Association for the Arts and the Community (RAAC) awarded $2,750 to Headwaters to support the creation of a mosaic by children attending the After-School Enrichment Program at Rappahannock County Elementary School. For the last two years students from multiple grade levels have designed and constructed large mosaics displayed at the bank for the community to admire and then installed in the hallways of their school.

For 2015-2016, children will continue to learn art concepts and recognize the patience required for long-term projects as they participate in constructing the large mosaic and also create smaller projects to take home and share with their families. In addition, the grant will support family field trips to Washington, D.C. (Last year, children from the After-School program rode a school bus to D.C. with their parents and siblings to visit art museums on a Saturday. For many, this was their first trip into “big Washington.” This year Headwaters plans a trip to tour the notable monuments of our capital city.)

The Fauquier Health Foundation, meanwhile, awarded $25,000 to Headwaters to support and enhance the After-School program.

When children first arrive After-School, they come to the cafeteria where each student has water and a snack that includes a protein, a carbohydrate, fruit and sometimes a cookie. Often, children have opportunities to try a new item provided through the Farm-to-Table program, such as kale chips. The Fauquier Health Foundation grant supports closer collaboration between the Farm-to-Table program and the ASEP to continue the emphasis on nutrition and local foods.

After snack and homework time, children who participate in After-School participate in various “clubs” of their own choosing, such as Legos and robotics, dance, arts and crafts, chess and drumming. For 2015-2016, ASEP will increase the outdoor options for the students who have spent their day in the classrooms. The grant supports training for the club counselors, interns and volunteers in best practices for guiding healthy activity during outdoor time — and the provision of tennis, a hiking or walking club, and other opportunities for cooperation and exertion.

Headwaters also plans to include golf as a club for interested students, as a result of the generosity of Cliff Miller, owner of Sperryville’s new Schoolhouse Nine golf course. Thus the Fauquier Health Foundation grant will enhance the health of our county’s children through provision of increased physical activity and nutritional awareness.

“We appreciate the hard work of our executive director, Jane Bowling-Wilson, and that of the members and supporters of RAAC and the Fauquier Health Foundation in supporting efforts that will enhance the quality of life of our most precious resource, our children,” said Headwaters board chair Kathleen Grove.

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