In search of Rappahannock farm venues

Rappahannock County farmers, we need your help. For the past two years, the organizing committee of the Rappahannock County Farm Tour & Festival has endeavored to create an event that reflected the diversity of agricultural operations in the county. In particular, we wished to honor families that for generations had made a living from their land. However, you need to step up and be a venue on the tour.

Recently, the Foothills Forum hosted focus groups to find out the most pressing concerns of different segments of the county’s population. One of those segments was agriculture. During a lively several-hours discussion, farmers mentioned the need for the creation of new markets for their products. This was intricately tied in with their desire to make agriculture more profitable.

Perhaps participating in the farm tour is just what your operation needs. During the tour, you have the opportunity to welcome a public to your farm that, in many cases, is eager to learn about what you are doing and purchase your products at retail, not wholesale, prices. You don’t need to hold classes, give demonstrations, or create entertainment. You just need to be willing to talk to people and sell your product. Tour committee members would be glad to help you take these initial steps.

Scheduled for Sept. 26-27, the Rappahannock County Farm Tour & Festival is family-friendly and free to the public. For more information and enthusiastic support, please call me at 540-937-5438, 540-219-8396, message me on Facebook or by email at

Cathie Shiff
Wits End Farm, Amissville