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07_23_2015_RappNews_A01FBPHere’s a quick look at this week’s Rappahannock News — at newsstands, mailboxes and inboxes now.
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What you will find in the July 23 Rappahannock News:

County will consider a finance committee

In response to a request by Jackson district supervisor Ron Frazier earlier this month, Rappahannock County’s supervisors will consider at their Aug. 3 meeting the creation of a finance committee to analyze county expenses and plan for future annual budgets

picSupremes-23Supreme Court: Inn session

Footnote to history: After dissenting with each other on a historic marriage-equality decision, several Supreme Court justices apparently found some agreement on the subject of dinner at The Inn at Little Washington.

Maj. Settle goes to Richmond

The Virginia State Police last week promoted Rappahannock County native and Culpeper division criminal-investigations head Gary Settle to deputy director of VSP’s statewide Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) in Richmond.

Boom town

An Inn at Little Washington regular, apparently celebrating his wife’s birthday and his own successful fight against cancer, briefly but memorably changed the character of a quiet night in town last Saturday night.

The Rapp: Fourth (Estate) Friday and all that jazz

Fourth (Estate) Friday at the Country Cafe this Friday, plus jazz and Wynton Marsalis at Castleton for the next two weekends, and pianist Bill Harris and his own jazz all-stars at the Flint Hill fire hall grounds in September . . . and more in this week’s The Rapp.

Letters: Sharing food, near-death stories and serious misgivings

On this week’s editorial page, Walter Nicklin visits the Death Cafe and the week’s letters include a report on Amissville United Methodist Church’s Share Food program, and a Sperryville resident’s objections to a children’s book.

Wild Ideas: What lies beneath

What do you do when you find a skink, with eggs, in an inconvenient location?

150 Years Ago This Week: Straight out to sea

After waiting nearly three weeks to learn where their sentences for complicity in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln were to be served, Samuel Mudd, Edman Spangler, Michael O’Laughlen and Samuel Arnold were taken to a ship and there learned their inescapable fate.

Plus . . .

Plus: Richard Brady’s Clark Hollow Ramblings column, the Washington column, the Crossword and more.

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