Letter: ‘It’s Perfectly Normal’ is perfectly dismaying

I have some serious concerns concerning a book that I believe is very detrimental to our children’s well-being, and I’ve gotten nowhere with anyone who would be concerned enough to address this issue.

The book in question is “It’s Perfectly Normal” by Robie H. Harris and Michael Emberley. I’ve done extensive research on this book, subtitled “Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex and Sexual Health,” and even contacted the Rappahannock Library to see if they had this book on the shelf — and to my dismay they have it (but no one had checked it out at that time).

I asked to check it out and read through it. Unfortunately, before I could really read it, the graphics were horrible, in fact, terrifying. There was so many nude pictures of adults and children having all kinds sexual activities in different positions. These illustrations were very graphic — oral sex, homosexual sex, on and on.

This book states on the front cover that it is for ages 10 and up, but you know as well as I do that children will share what they see and read . . . and if they have siblings I guarantee you that they will show them this book, and there will be without a shadow of doubt experimentation and . . .  the results will be terrible.

This book is full of nudity and there is no reason for it. The title, “It’s Perfectly Normal,” is a mockery, because what I saw in this book is not perfectly normal. In fact, some of it is perfectly disgusting. This is not sexual health, this is sexual perversion! This is what we are putting before our children in the library and think that this is all right?

I’ve shared my feelings with the staff at the library and asked them to contact me and they just brushed me off abruptly. I’ve shared this with people I knew who had children and I still got the brush off. I even wanted to stand before the library and expose this book, but had no support at all.

I  don’t have children at the schools in this area. But I’ve done quite of bit of volunteer work helping children, and they are my children also, in a sense, because I truly care about them. I have grown children in the military and grandchildren that are not with me, and I would be so happy knowing that there are people out there where my grandchildren are who are looking out for them at their schools and caring for them as if they were theirs, as I do here.

If this is the kind of material we want before our children, without consent from their parents, then I don’t have to say what has become of our country. In fact, when the highest court in our nation has legalized homosexual marriage, putting the law of the land above God . . . what would our forefathers think of this?

Carol Joy

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