Letter: Thanks for running the facts

Wow! Good for Jan Clatterbuck on her column. Rarely see that these days. The Confederate flag flown was, as she stated, in fact a battle flag . . . no one seems to realize that it is not the Confederate States national flag, nor does it seem to matter.

Brave lady, taking on the slave issue. I often ask how many slaves were brought over here under a Confederate flag? None! They all came here under an American flag . . .so should we tear it down, too? The so-called Emancipation Proclamation was a farce in that it “freed” only slaves in the Southern states — none, as Jan mentioned, in the Northern states. In fact, in Massachusetts slavery was legal until 1867. Uh-oh. No one wants to tear down the Lincoln Memorial, but Lincoln walked all over the Constitution in invading the Southern states with federal troops.

Thanks for running the facts, when all the ignorance that surrounds us is taken for truth.

Ken Gilpin
Flint Hill

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