Washington column for Aug. 6

A ‘miracle’

Mimi Forbes reports a “miracle” at the Food Pantry this past week — a phenomenal outpouring from the community to the Pantry’s appeal for school supplies for Pantry families’ children.

“It’s the best school supply drive we’ve ever had and we are so very grateful!” Mimi said.

Volunteer coordinator Jane Coon sent an email to Pantry volunteers and to area churches asking for contributions of various supplies. A record number of donors contributed 250 pounds of supplies and almost $1000 in financial contributions! The Food Pantry regularly serves 180-200 families with 164 children, 18 years or younger.

If anyone wants to contribute to the Food Pantry School Supplies Drive, please call Mimi at 540-675-1177 to find out what’s still needed.

Special worship service

Judy Reidinger will be playing music that she has composed and written at the Washington Baptist Church on Sunday, Aug. 30.
Judy Reidinger will be playing music that she has composed and written at the Washington Baptist Church on Sunday, Aug. 30. Courtesy photo
On Sunday, August 30, there’s going to be a very special worship service at 11 a.m. at Washington Baptist Church. The service will include scripture and prayer, but primarily will be hymns and music that Judy Reidinger has composed and written. I talked with Judy on Friday, and this is her story:

I am thrilled about Washington Baptist Church featuring my music on Aug. 30. We will be sharing some of my favorite themes — about singing a new song, thankful hearts, and celebrating God with us. All are welcome! I have been writing songs (over 80, words and music) since 1973. Originally I sang with guitar, then started arranging for choir and piano. My music — and especially the sacred music I write — is inspired by personal experiences. Like the Psalms in scripture, my music reflects both the highs and the lows of life.

In 1965, my husband Richard and I worked in India with the Peace Corps, and later lived in China where he worked in agricultural development with the World Bank. I was a public health nurse and am now with Sperryville Volunteer Rescue Squad, and many of my songs were inspired by what I experienced along the way — songs celebrating peace and healing, cherishing creation and unity in diversity, and “making a difference.”  

A CD of my music — mixed sacred and secular, including “Rappahannock Home” — came out in 2011, with all proceeds going to Rappahannock Benevolent Fund and Sperryville Rescue.

It’s a great joy to hear a hymn I have written sung by a congregation of faithful people in worship, to “make a joyful noise” and say with Bach, and others, Soli Deo Gloria —“To God alone be the glory.”

Judy is a lieutenant with Sperryville Rescue (and was selected Outstanding EMS Provider for the county 2014). She was a public health nurse in Arlington, International Health Coordinator at Peace Corps headquarters, and school nurse for the International School of Beijing. She and her husband live in Sperryville.  

One amazing lady! Don’t forget to circle Aug. 30 in red on your calendar for those that don’t have a home church to attend,  feel free to attend the service at the Washington Baptist Church.

Carter’s  house

In about the mid-1850s, the John and Frances Carter family home where the current Washington Post Office and Country Cafe is today.
In about the mid-1850s, the John and Frances Carter family home where the current Washington Post Office and Country Cafe is today. Rappahannock Historical Society
News from the Rappahannock Historical Society by Judy Tole:

In about the mid-1850s, the Carter family built a house on Lot 9 where the current Washington Post Office and Country Cafe are situated, and John and Frances Carter raised a family of 7 children here.  In the 1850 census, John Carter was age 46 years and was a tavern keeper. A map drawn during the Civil War shows the house, located on the corner of Main and Middle streets, was a hotel called “Mansion House.” John’s granddaughter, Saintie, married Francis Dudley, son of William Dudley, the clerk of Mount Salem Church. The Dudleys lived in the Carter House where they raised four daughters.

In 1900, the owner of Lot 9 was St. Helena “Saintie” Carter Dudley. The lot was valued at $50 and the building on the lot was valued at $600. Photographs of the house by the Works Progress Administration in about 1936 show that the house was a very large two-story building. Sometime after this, the house was moved to the left. This property has long been known as the Carter Dudley House.

Book Barn sale: August – September.

Starting now through September, hardback novels whose authors’ last names begin with R-Z  are on sale:  two for $1. Come fill in your collection of John Sandford, Daniel Silva, Danielle Steele and others for end of summer reading.

Remember that all books are donated, all workers are volunteers, and all the money earned goes to the Rappahannock Library.

Low prices are in effect for all books, from architecture to zoology and every subject in between.  There are lots of cookbooks, gardening books and books of local interest.

Stop in and shop for books for those long winter nights.

WVFR breakfast

Firehall breakfasts and dinners are a time-honored way for volunteer fire and rescue squads to raise needed funds for their operations. This Saturday, Aug. 15, Washington Volunteer Fire and Rescue will have their all-you-can-eat breakfast.

The cooking crew will roll in around 5:30 a.m., followed shortly thereafter by the dining hall crew.

The door opens 7 a.m., and as you walk in, you’ll smell the delicious sausage and bacon and the fresh coffee. Those pancakes and fluffy biscuits, the apples perfectly stewed — and I cannot leave out the bubbly gravy. It will knock your socks off. The eggs will arrive just a few minutes later — all the better for being freshly cooked and hot. Moms and dads load up the kids and grandkids and head on down to this tasty Southern breakfast. And carry out is always an option too.

Birthday wishes

Birthday wishes go out to Ruth Ann Foster, who will be celebrating her day on Friday, Aug. 21, Chelsea Smoot, who will be celebrating her special day on Saturday, Aug. 22, and to Gary Aichele, who will be having his special day on Thursday, Aug. 27.

Also birthday wishes go to Hope Huff on Sunday, Aug. 28, and to a dear friend of mine, Yvonne Darrel, who will celebrate her special day on Aug. 30.

Remember in prayers

Hair stylist Kim Nelson from the Hair Gallery will be having carpal tunnel surgery on Aug. 14 and will be out of work for one month. She plans to return back to the salon on Sept. 14.  

Kim, we wish you the best in recovery.

Have a wonderful week!