Small county, big ideas: The candidates forums, part I

Surprise: All 10 hopefuls who appeared at Monday night’s Rappahannock News Candidates Forum, running on Nov. 3 for the three open seats apiece on the county’s board of supervisors and school board, agree they would not want property taxes — traditionally Rappahannock County’s principal source of both revenue and contention — to continue to rise. […]


‘No Ordinary Person’ at RAAC Theatre

Every year the RAAC Community Theatre production of “No Ordinary Person” takes audiences to far-flung locales touching places of love and fear and discovery in the heart. This year’s show, the 17th annual one, on Oct. 23-24, promises to be no exception. […]


Wild Ideas: Here be giants

Rappahannock County resident Robin Williams made a startling discovery last month in her pollinator garden: a giant was circling a tree there . . . a giant swallowtail butterfly, that is. […]