Letter: Frazier ‘vigilant in representing his constituents’ wishes’

To all Jackson District voters:

I write today of my endorsement of Ron Frazier for supervisor.

When I attended Amissville’s parade in July, I received a note printed by him that read, “The seat belongs to no one but you, the Jackson District electorate. If I am re-elected I will do my utmost to represent you and your concerns on this Board, and any others to which I may be appointed.” I know Ron will represent you in the future as he represented you in the past 20 years.

Ron has been a very responsive, dedicated public servant, not to mention one who reviews line items in the school and county budgets before voting for tax increases to fund them.

I think back to the February 2014 board of supervisors’ meeting, where Ron presented a resolution to protest Virginia Atty. Gen. Mark Herring’s decision not to defend Virginia’s same-sex marriage ban. In 2006, Rappahannock County voted 1,861 to 1,443 for the constitutional amendment, including majorities in Sperryville, Scrabble, Chester Gap, and Amissville, which is in the district where Ron’s constituents voted 448 to 219 for the amendment. Ron’s motion to pass the resolution died, as fellow board members failed to second it.

Ron stood as a lone cypress and a dark horse on more than one occasion, but he has been vigilant in representing his constituents’ wishes and standing up for his ethics. I see him as possessing rare qualities, since more and more our government takes steps toward making our nation one that stands for nothing and falls for anything.

Please vote for Ron Frazier on Nov. 3.

Angela D. Deavers
Chair, Rappahannock County Republican Committee

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