Letter: Praise for Ron Frazier

I am completely in agreement with Angela Deaver’s letter of support for Ron Frazier. Although I am not in his district, in a small county every supervisor counts, and I have come to know Ron as an excellent supervisor who should remain on the board. He is level-headed, respectful of the public, responsive to the public, he assimilates and learns new information, he does not live off of propaganda or politically correct assumptions, he is fair, and above all, he is principled. In an age of gray that excuses everything and tolerates wrongdoing, he knows there are right decisions and is not afraid to make them. He is not power-hungry, arrogant or in office for the wrong reasons. We are lucky to have him on the board of supervisors, and I hope the Jackson district will grant him the opportunity to continue to serve this county.

C. Price

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