Letter: After school comes Schoolhouse Nine, thanks to Miller

On behalf of Headwaters and the children participating in the After-School Enrichment Program, I would like to thank Cliff Miller IV for his donation of the use of the Schoolhouse Nine golf course. Eight students, fifth- through seventh-graders, board a school bus on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and ride down to Sperryville. There these students are playing nine holes, led by a volunteer coach, Dennis Fairbrother, and volunteer assistant coaches Doug Schiffman and Oz Pace.

The children, seven boys and one girl, are excited about learning this lifelong sport, and we anticipate building a cohort for a golf team for the high school in the future.  Thank you, Cliff, for giving to our community. This adds an appealing component to the after-school offerings of Lego-powered machines, videography, 1st Lego League Robotics and mosaic-making. If members of the community are interested in volunteering, please contact the Headwaters office at 540-987-3322.

Kathleen Grove
Chair, Headwaters board