Letter: Connie Compton Smith cares

In one of Rappahannock County’s harshest winters, the snow in my front yard was almost three feet deep. Electricity had been out for several days, and my daughter couldn’t reach me by telephone or email. She called Sheriff Connie Smith and told her I was a woman living alone, snowed in, possibly without enough food, and no way to call for help.

Sheriff Smith came to my home at once. Shovel in hand, in freezing cold and a high wind, she dug her path from the road to my house, brought in firewood, and made sure I had everything I needed.

Her service transcends issues relating to crime that most sheriffs deal with  — to embrace a true concern and caring for you, for me, and for all the people she serves as sheriff of Rappahannock County.

A crime fighter, sure. But a crime fighter and a caring human being. In my opinion, this is the kind of sheriff we need.

Connie Compton Smith deserves your vote and mine.

Arlene Sanders
Flint Hill

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