‘No Ordinary Person’ at RAAC Theatre

"No Ordinary Person" storytellers (from left) Paul McGeough, Jane Coon and Paul Reisler appear Oct. 23-24 at RAAC Theatre.
“No Ordinary Person” storytellers (from left) Paul McGeough, Jane Coon and Paul Reisler appear Oct. 23-24 at RAAC Theatre. By Kate Geraghty (far left) and E. Raymond Boc

Every year the RAAC Community Theatre production of “No Ordinary Person” takes audiences to far-flung locales touching places of love and fear and discovery in the heart.

This year’s show, the 17th annual one, on Oct. 23-24, promises to be no exception, and features three of our Rappahannock neighbors.

Paul Reisler is the founder and artistic director of Kid Pan Alley. His late wife, Julie Portman, is well known in Rappahannock as the founder of Ki Theatre, and the person whose “Life Stories” workshops gave rise to “No Ordinary Person.” In his story, Paul will share his own unique perspective on Julie’s spirit, her drive, her unusual path and her gift for creating community.

Paul McGeough is an Irish Australian journalist and senior foreign correspondent for The Sydney [Australia] Morning Herald, specializing in Middle Eastern affairs. He was born in Ireland during “The Troubles,” moved with his family to Australia at age 11, and eventually chose a career that has exposed him to extreme violence in many contexts. Paul’s story will consider the impact of that violence on the people he has met, and on himself.

Jane Coon, a former ambassador and State Department professional, has traveled extensively, but in this story she is greeted with no red carpets, no diplomatic niceties, just the raw power of the wilderness.

“No Ordinary Person” is directed by Joyce Abell and Sallie Morgan, and this year all three performers will appear both nights. Shows begin at 8 p.m. at the RAAC Community Theatre, 310 Gay St., Washington.

Tickets ($15) and reservations at raac.org. (Patrons who pay at the door need to arrive no later than 10 minutes before the performance, as seats will not be held after that time. For those without Web access, reservations can be made at 800-695-6075.)


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