Letter: Announcing my write-in candidacy in Hampton

Since the candidates have been out and about giving their take on how they wish to see the county ran, many of their methods have made me concerned for the leadership of Rappahannock County. I have received many phone calls from citizens voicing their concern regarding the values of the current candidates. It has become an annual event for our local government to raise taxes on its own citizenry. The way I understand it, the current candidates only wish to continue this trend of increased taxation and fiscal irresponsibility.

Few of the current supervisors display concern for their fellow citizens’ well-being and fight to keep taxes at a reasonable level. Very few have voiced their worry about the increasing level at which they spend our tax dollars, nor is the issue often pointed out that our money is spent in ways which give the citizens little in return. Increased spending is the board’s only solution to every issue. In all the years I have attended board meetings I have never once heard a conversation on finding alternative ways to spend our taxes in a way that is responsible and that benefits our county as a whole.

Due to my concern for this destructive trend of taxation and the love I have for the county I have called my home for 55 years, I wish to announce my entrance as a write-in candidate for the Hampton district supervisor post. I hope that with your help we can have a local government that is a benefit to its people, rather than a people that must bear the weight of their government.

Roger Cordani
Flint Hill

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