Letter: Change . . . for what? Re-elect Sheriff Smith

This election, the residents of Rappahannock County will have many opportunities to bring change in the form of newly elected representatives. I’ve listened to many of the prospective candidates voice the need for change in the county, and that very well may be in a few instances. Unfortunately, for the offices in which we really need change, the candidates are running unopposed.

However, I can name one office where change is not needed; the sheriff’s office. Sheriff Connie Smith epitomizes and has fully embraced change during her two terms in office, serving in one of the most unique counties in the country.

She’s faced staffing challenges, funding nightmares, rising drug use in and around the county, not to mention a plethora of unknown and unspoken emergencies her office faces each and every day. She and her deputies seamlessly and successfully navigate every one of them.

Sheriff Smith never seeks recognition; in fact she continuously deflects praise toward her deputies, who are shining examples of her leadership. When did doing the right thing or doing your job correctly and efficiently become deserving of praise? Why is doing what we’re supposed to do special? Special becomes exceptional when we don’t notice it, when we come to depend on something without worry or concern. That’s what we have in the current sheriff.

I feel safe in this county; my children are safe in this county. Why change that?

Mark Raiford

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