Letter: I think you got your wireless crossed

Regarding “The Elephant in the Room” [Letters, Oct. 1], all I can say is “…What??”

Seriously? Microwave radiation is one of the most important issues facing candidates in our upcoming local election?

The letter is a rich smorgasbord of logical fallacies. The “Bioinitiative Report,” Cindy Sage and Sage Associates have zero credibility by any objective standard I can determine; the report is self-published and is not peer reviewed. Its individual components reflect a wide variety of viewpoints, and authors have disavowed the report’s conclusions. To build an argument against expanding wireless broadband and cellular service in Rappahannock County based on those sources is utterly preposterous.

Where do we see the alleged “… brain damage, damage to DNA and cells, autoimmune disease, aggressive brain cancers, sterility, general sickness [sic], and the list goes on”? (We’re blaming “general sickness” on wireless now?) In some instances, the argument is literally that the effects are “too small to detect.”

Where is the sudden upsurge in mortality beginning in 1980 when cellular became a thing? Where are all these soft-kills which are so popular with the military these days? I thought that, whaddya call ’em, “drones” were the weapon du jour, not wi-fi repeaters. Am I missing something?

Look, if you don’t like technology, just say so. I think the letter pretty much implies that. But don’t go tossing around specious and utterly discredited sources to gain credibility and thwart the advance of technology which could truly benefit our county and its way of life. I’m relatively certain we will not lose any tourist business when our visitors can finally make a phone call or get on the internet in the vast majority of the county not served by terrestrial connectivity. Heck, maybe more people might find ways to spend their money here.

Obviously, I am just an ignorant and gullible sap who has been taken in by the Government/Big Cellular/Big Medicine/Big Pharma and all the other bogeymen who profit from killing us slowly with non-ionizing radiation. I really should spend more time listening to and learning from experts like Sage, who only run lucrative consulting practices preaching to this particular peculiar choir.

Dennis Kelly
Via wi-fi, satellite, and who knows what else

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