Letter: Lucy Ann Maeyer for Hampton school board member

First, I want to commend all willing to run for local public service: Thank you. Second, after attending the Rappahannock News-moderated Hampton district forum on Sept. 21, I feel compelled to tell you why my mother, Lucy Ann Maeyer (also known as “Pud”), is the best candidate for this position. Yes, I may be biased because she is my mother, but I want you to be aware of the many qualifications that she possesses for this very important position.

Mom’s Rappahannock roots run deep. She is the daughter of county native Carroll B. Quaintance, a patent lawyer who was born in Rappahannock, and Arthalinda Quaintance, a former school board member and teacher who taught in Rappahannock for approximately 10 years. She is also the niece of Mary Botts Quaintance Snead, doubtless remembered by many as the principal of Rappahannock County Elementary School.

Mom lived and taught in both Virginia Beach and Germany for approximately five years before we moved back to the family farm in 1981, she then dedicated another 26 years of teaching to the Rappahannock County Public School System as a sixth- and seventh-grade math and science teacher.

She is known as a vital part of this community for her past and continued service. She is a volunteer for the Sperryville Rescue Squad as an ambulance driver, serves on the Recreation Center Committee, assists with the Rough Ride, the Taste of Rappahannock and the Fodderstack race and she has also taught at the Headwaters After School Program for six years. She was also a very fun and memorable Girl Scout leader and soccer coach, imagine that!

Growing up in Rappahannock, my siblings Nicole and Jonathan and I learned how to strive for success through honesty and hard work and to not take anything for granted or have a false sense of entitlement. Mom instilled these values in us and countless others she has served. She will do what is best for Rappahannock students, teachers, and the larger community.

She will not beat around the bush, she is clear and concise, but most importantly, caring. She will be stern but fair. Her intentions are true and pure and she is passionate about running for the school board. She wants to make a positive difference in the community, which I know she can and will do. She is also sensible and practical and will prioritize what is most important.

Mom is expressing her ongoing commitment to the education of Rappahannock students by running for our school board. I have great admiration, love and trust for my mother. She has been my greatest supporter through changes in my own life. I count myself very fortunate to become even half the person that she is. I feel the school board would be fortunate to have her as well.

Please join me and write in Lucy Ann Maeyer for Hampton district school board on Election Day!

Heidemarie “Heidi” Maeyer


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