Letter: Sheriff’s office staff supports Sheriff Smith

With almost 28 years of law enforcement service to the citizens of Rappahannock County, Sheriff Connie Compton Smith is a proven leader who always takes a stance for what is right.  She is the Sheriff of and for the people.

A few of Sheriff Smith’s accomplishments since being elected Sheriff in 2007 include: adding school resource officers and implementing an “Active Shooter” operating procedure along with routine mandatory training sessions to increase school safety. She has also managed to equip every patrol vehicle with automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to aid in saving lives of cardiac arrest victims when deputies arrive at scenes before fire and rescue.

As you watch television every night and see what appears to be the increase of crime in the news, you’ll find a different picture here in Rappahannock County. During Sheriff Smith’s administration, both the violent crime rates and property crime rates have decreased substantially. Although Sheriff Smith has made the decision not to participate in a regional drug task force (a decision the citizens have entrusted her to make), she promotes proactive interdiction and demands zero tolerance enforcement of drug offenses in our community. As a result of this hard work, drug arrests have increased.       

This last example of Sheriff Smith’s proven abilities as our Sheriff is shown in her fiscal responsibility. In today’s economy, she understands that a dollar holds more value to most of us, right now more than ever. With this in mind, Sheriff Smith has cut her budget every year since being elected Sheriff, and has managed to also return money to the county at the end of the year. Sheriff Smith does this while still providing all of the professional services the citizens expect to receive from their sheriff’s office and while continuing to look for innovative ways to enhance the department.   

On Nov. 3 you are going to be asked to choose a leader for the Rappahannock County Sheriff’s Office. We submit, you already have one. A proven, committed and loyal leader. Please re-elect Sheriff Connie Compton Smith.

Sheriff Smith, you have always stood behind your community and your employees and we proudly stand behind you.

The employees of the Rappahannock County Sheriff’s Office
(signed by Maj. John Arstino Jr., Lt. Janie Jenkins, Capt. Roger Jenkins, investigator Shawn Walters, deputies Donna Kestner, Jason Romero, Matthew Dodson, James Wilson, David Epley, Robert Fincham, Danielle Settle, Vernon Carter, William Ubben, Chris Lambert, Janice Wilson, Crystal Jenkins and Jeffrey Brown and dispatcher Tim Foster)

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