Letter: More prologue from the past

Eric Tollefson’s letter in the Oct. 8 Rappahannock News [“What’s past is prologue”] missed one other fact that might be an important past event for voters to consider. Before she became a school board member, Amy Hitt was the president of the Rappahannock County School Sports Association (RCSSA).

Her performance in the past makes me wonder if she has the needed qualities to be entrusted with the  responsibilities of a county supervisor. Specifically, the RCSSA was embezzled to the tune of an estimated $25,000 in late 2011 and early 2012 on Ms. Hitt’s watch as RCSSA president. [Editor’s note: The suspected embezzlement was originally reported to the sheriff’s office by Hitt.]

Ms. Hitt also vociferously advocated for the high school athletic field lights and she assured us that funding for the project was already fully lined up for the future. Then came the shock: RCSSA came up short in paying its loan for the school lights back in 2011 and the county forked over $25,000 to help. According to Rappahannock News archives, that apparently also happened the year before. Then on Dec. 8, 2011, the county board of supervisors decided to step in and pay off the loan balance of $220,000 with our tax money.

My observation is simply that RCSSA was lacking the adult supervision necessary neither to properly detect the embezzlement nor to promote realistic fundraising activities.

Bill Freitag
Flint Hill

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