Letter: Elect Maeyer school board member for the right reason

Why would anyone in their right mind ever want the thankless job of being a school board member? After having served as a public school superintendent for 23 years and having worked with more than 25 different school board members in two different school divisions, I have some insight into that answer.

Some school board candidates want to start a career in politics, and the school board is the first step. Some candidates have an agenda to accomplish, which can run the gamut of perceived changes from benign to extreme. Also, some candidates come forward out of a desire to honestly and fairly serve the community and the public good by doing the best they can for the children, parents, the school system and community.

I worked with Lucy Ann Maeyer for 15 years, and I know she has no interest in politics or any special axes to grind. She is a retired educator who always had the children’s best interest at heart. If you had children in the school system when she was working at the elementary school, you know what I am talking about. She was the kind of teacher that you would always find working late after school helping students or preparing for the next day. You would see her at student activities and athletic competitions to watch her children and other children in a different environment than the classroom. Her students knew that she sincerely cared for them. Lucy Ann Maeyer was an outstanding educator!

Even though Lucy Ann Maeyer is retired she still attends athletic competitions and related student activities, and is still interested in seeing that children become the best they can. From my experience, there is no better reason for anyone to ever become a school board member.

Please write in Lucy Ann Maeyer on the ballot for Hampton district school board member.

David M. Gangel

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